Free Bottle of Sun Cream

This is a fab freebie! Sun cream can be so expensive, but it really is essential during the summer months. That's why Marley Eternit are sending out FREE mini-bottles of sun cream – to promote their sun safety campaign.

Here are a few facts about skin cancer:

  • Outdoor workers are 5-10 times more exposed to the sun than indoor workers
  • There are 1,500 new cases of skin cancer every year
  • 240 of these cases are related to solar radiation whilst at work
  • 86% of construction workers make do with lower than 30 SPF sun cream

Here's how to get your hands on a mini bottle of sun cream:

  1. Click on the button below
  2. Scroll down the page
  3. Enter your details into the form & click submit

Why not share this freebie with any friends & family who work outdoors?

Has this offer expired? – Let us know

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