Free European Health Insurance Card

Get a FREE European Health insurance card. When travelling, it entitles you to the same level of medical care as locals in the EU country you are visiting. Many countries still charge for lots of their medical care as they don’t have an NHS system as advanced as ours.

The card is free to most UK residents and is valid for use in all 27 European countries and is not accepted in Turkey or anywhere else in the world!

To apply for your card, click ‘get freebie’ and follow instructions. The card will last for 5 years.

Did you know that the NHS only gives you FREE health care in the UK? In every other country you may have to fork out up to £50 for a doctor’s appointment or £300 for a simple operation.

But, in Europe the NHS will also cover British visitors who are travelling abroad. All you need to do is carry with you a FREE European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Its free to apply and get a EHIC insurance card. It entitles you to free health care in any EU country.

To apply for your card, click ‘get this freebie’ and follow instructions.

Allow 10 days for delivery. Your EHIC card will last for 5 years.

Has this offer expired? – Let us know

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