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Earn more revenue with Bag Free Stuff. Our advertising tools are used to integrate your creative alongside our existing brand offers to seemlessly promote your product or service.

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Integrate with top brands and make direct sales using with the Bag Free Stuff marketplace system.

Thousands of visitors interact with Bag Free Stuff each month searching for a freebie, discount or bargain. We do not offer a self-serve automated ad placement system. There are a complex number of ad placement locations, ad sizes and duration's available so we prefer to discuss the options available with you our potential advertisers.

We manually approve each creative to make sure it is a fit with our family friendly business model. All ads are standard “Google Adsense” size. We do not currently offer skyscraper ads. Or advertising placement rates are based on a CPD (Cost Per Day) basis with a minimum commitment of 7 days.

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Bag Free Stuff reaches out to internet friendly freebie seekers and couponers.
The bulk of our visitors are mothers between the ages of 18 and 45.

Advertising on Bag Free Stuff is simple and affordable, perfect for family, parenting, baby, pet related, clothing, Insurance, health and fitness and other related websites, products and services. Our site is growing rapidly we currently receive over 100,000 Page Hits and 114,000 Unique Visitors per month!
In addition, we add over 200 newsletter sign-ups per day. Below, find our site wide advertising options. We currently have three advertising options available.

Banner Image Advertisement
We charge on CPD (Cost Per Day) with a minimum duration of 7 days or monthly  duration of 30 days. The cost is variable and dependent on the location, size and duration of the advert.

Text Ads
We offer text ad placements in various locations throughout the site. Please contact us for locations, pricing and availability.

Bag Free Stuff Daily Newsletter
Our newsletter goes out to over 25,000 new and existing members 6 days per week. The newsletter is growing rapidly we are currently adding over 200 new subscribers per day.
There are between 5 and 10 offers promoted within the newsletter per day.

The cost to advertise in our newsletter is as follows:
Middle of Bag Free Stuff Newsletter: £30.00 per email send
Bottom of Bag Free Stuff Newsletter: £20.00 per email send

If you prefer we can set up a page for you and host you promotion(s). A link in the newsletter will redirect  to your promotion page. This would be an additional cost and subject to negotiation. Payment collection options can also be added for visitors to purchase your product. Payment will be made direct to your account.

PLEASE NOTE: We only accept family friendly advertising.
Advertising is accepted solely at the discretion of

Payment collection is via Paypal or Bank Transfer an itemised invoice is sent via email.